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What is a Justice Observer

Justice Observers are trained volunteers and Florida Justice Center staff members who support the First Amendment rights of social justice activists. Justice Observers may provide basic legal guidance on rights to demonstrators, but more importantly they serve as witnesses to misconduct by police and other aggressors.

Justice Observers do not participate in the protests themselves. You can recognize them by their bright yellow safety vests with the words “Justice Observer.” Justice Observers do not hold banners, chant, or interfere with arrests. They do take notes, record video, and document as much information as possible to assist demonstrators with potential arrests and/or civil lawsuits.

Justice Observers at a protest in Miami on March 15, 2022

Role of Justice Observers

  • Observe and report on the policing of a demonstration.
  • Act as a deterrent to misconduct by law enforcement.
  • Distribute know your rights information and inform protesters of their legal rights at an action.
  • Locate and identify witnesses that could be beneficial to someone being arrested.
  • Record misconduct in both writing and in video, when possible.

Actions Justice Observers Support

Justice Observers respond to demonstrations when requested by organizations or individuals using the form below. Justice Observers will not be deployed to every action where a request is made.

Priority for Justice Observer response is given to social justice actions addressing the following issues:

FLJC's Vision

Our vision is for a fair and equitable Florida for people seeking a second chance. By providing support to, and protection for, those fighting for equal rights, Florida Justice Center is working toward that goal.

Support Justice Observers

100% of donations go to offsetting costs of transportation, printed materials, salary, and equipment for FLJC staff and volunteers responding to Justice Observer deployments.

Request Justice Observer Assistance

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