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About the Florida Justice Center

Founded in 2019, Florida Justice Center (FLJC) is the first and only 501(c)(3) non-profit legal aid organization in Florida authorized by the Supreme Court to provide criminal legal services.

Florida Justice Center is dedicated to providing quality legal defense and reentry services to justice-involved people across the state. By employing a unique holistic model that joins legal, social, and mental health services, FLJC can address a full suite of issues that are proven to prevent future justice system involvement for the client.

By supporting Florida Justice Center, your practice affirms its commitment to addressing the institutional barriers in the justice system, reducing the rate of recidivism and incarceration in the state, and creating safer and more equitable communities.

Why Support the Florida Justice Center?

In 2020, FLJC worked with over 120 pro bono attorneys, 80 non-legal volunteers, and 30 law students. had over 33,000 visitors.

Florida Justice Center offers many ways to show your support in the community. Exposure can take the form of virtual and in-person endorsements, geographic-specific advertisements, and verbal acknowledgements during large scale events. Sponsoring the Florida Justice Center will provide you with:

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