Laura Pierre

Legal Assistant



Laura Pierre is a Legal Assistant with Florida Justice Center.

Laura is an innovative community organizer, she has dedicated her life to building grassroot power, teaching communities how to build power within themselves by collaboration and taking action on the issues caused by unjust systems.

With almost a decade experience agitating, educating and organizing, Laura began advocating at 18 years old while working on the National Organizing Committee with Fight For 15$ where she organized and marched on the front lines in efforts to raise the minimum wage while creating union rights for all low-wage workers. Not only inspired by the testimonies of our marginalized communities, Laura realized that her story of poverty, social, racial, immigration injustice wasn't her own, but of those all around her, she instantly knew that she had to be a voice for the voiceless.

While working on the National Organizing Committee with Fight For 15$, Laura has planned and organized events like The People’s Convention, SEIU International Gala’s, Low Wage Workers Convention, social and economic justice rally’s, marches, and civil disobedience demonstrations. Through these efforts FF15 became the largest mobilization of low-wage workers in the world, and is the reason we now have conversations about the 15$ minimum wage.

Laura has worked on numerous issue-base and electoral campaigns throughout the United States specializing in campaign management, community outreach, grassroots organizing and civic engagement. Launching and managing voter registration/ ballot initiative/ GOTV campaigns and fundraising projects, Laura has helped propel the success of passing minimum wage bills, pushing to pass Amendment 4 in 2018 and helping organizations reach their goals.

Laura is studying at Broward College and majoring in Political Communication in Public Relations. She hopes to get her (B.S in Business Administration) from Florida State University.

Aside from her passion for community advocacy, Laura is an obsessed plant mom and loves to paint. She is fluent in Haitian Creole and French.