FLJC Attorney Alex Saiz Provides Commentary on Good Samaritan Law on CBS12 West Palm Beach

FLJC Attorney Alex Saiz Provides Commentary on Good Samaritan Law on CBS12 West Palm Beach

Director of Legal Services appears on television news to discuss legal implications for a law that led to one man’s 15-year prison sentence

West Palm Beach, FL (November 1, 2023) –

Florida Justice Center’s Director of Legal Services, Alex Saiz, Esq., appeared on last night’s CBS12 and CW34 news broadcasts in West Palm Beach to provide legal commentary on the case of Tad Colby Johnson who was recently sentenced to 15-years in prison for not calling the police when he found a friend unconscious from a drug overdose.

The Good Samaritan law provides limited protections against arrest for those reporting a drug or alcohol-related emergency. Said Saiz, ““You won’t be prosecuted or investigated for the drug-related crime itself. The hope is, if we take away that fear, people will do the right thing and take them to the hospital, and at the end of the day you save a lot more lives.”

See the news report and read the associated article at https://cw34.com/newsletter-daily/overdose-death-preventable-good-samaritan-law-tad-colby-johnson-palm-beach-county-man-sentenced-to-15-years-for-not-calling-911-during-friends-overdose-october-31-2023


Florida Justice Center Director of Legal Services Alex Saiz, Esq. appears on CBS12 News to discuss a recent arrest for the Good Samaritan law
FLJC Attorney Alex Saiz Appearing on CBS12 News
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