You have rights and you can get your mugshot deleted from predatory websites.

We can help remove your arrest photograph from sites that profit from your image and remove it from Google or other web search results.


If you have been arrested in the past decade, it is likely your mugshot will show up in a Google or other web search result.

These predatory, for-profit websites use your likeness for their own financial gain. They don't care if you are innocent or if they're destroying your employment prospects. All they care about is money.

In 2021, Florida passed a law that allows you to remove your photograph from these websites. It doesn't matter if you were found guilty or not guilty... anyone can get their picture taken down.

Note: Florida law does not require the entire page to be removed, solely the photograph.


Locate Your Mugshots

Verify the site is a for-profit website as defined by Florida Statute 901.43

Write a Letter

Address it to the registered agent for the website and request the photograph be immediately removed

Send the Letter

The letter, accompanied by proof of identity, must be sent by United States Postal Service registered mail to ensure compliance


Mugshot Silhouette

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