Florida Justice Center is a nonprofit legal aid organization dedicated to increasing access to justice for justice-impacted people.

We offer free and low-cost legal services on an income-based sliding scale, as well as affordable payment plans.


Florida Justice Center is a nonprofit legal aid organization. Like all legal aid organizations in Florida, our services are free to making below a certain percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Federal guidelines regulating legal aid organizations set this level at 125%.

This leaves many people who are unable to afford a private attorney without representation or assistance. While these individuals do not qualify as indigent, they still need help. That is why, starting on February 1, 2023, Florida Justice Center introduced sliding scale fees to provide reduce-cost legal services to those making 125% or above of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Providing free services to those most in need is not, however, free. We all have to do our part to make society a better, and more equitable place. Consider donating at

A few of the many legal aid organizations providing reduced-cost services include Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, those on this list from the American Bar Association, and Southern Legal Counsel.

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Federal Poverty Guidelines

Household Size 100% 200% 300% 400%

Above are the Federal Poverty Guidelines as defined by the Department of Health and Human Services. Sliding scale fees are based on household income and number of dependents as shown above.

Proof of income or government assistance is required.

Sliding Scale Fees

All clients are required to pay actual expenses such as government application fees, postage, costs of certified documents, and filing fees. In cases of extreme need some of these fees can be waived or the individual can be placed on a payment plan as low as $10 per month. Each service below outlines minimum actual expenses.

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