Florida Justice Center provides access to legal services for low-income people in the state.



Florida Justice Center ensures people with felony convictions vote with confidence they are doing so legally.

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If you have been convicted of a felony offense in Florida, you may have lost over 1,100 rights. We want to help you get back as many of these as possible, including:

  • Holding professional licenses
  • Owning/possessing firearms
  • Running for public office

Other forms of clemency include full pardons, commutation of a sentence, and remission of fines.

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Mugshot Removal

If you have been arrested in the past decade, it is likely your mugshot will show up in a Google or other web search result.

These predatory, for-profit websites use your likeness for their own financial gain. They don't care if you are innocent or if they're destroying your employment prospects. All they care about is money.

In 2021, Florida passed a law that allows you to remove your photograph from these websites. It doesn't matter if you were found guilty or not guilty... anyone can get their picture taken down.

We can help.

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We can help you deal with whatever is thrown your way. Florida Justice Center is the support network you need to succeed in supervision. Our team of lawyers is ready and willing to work with you to address any barriers to success that you are having while on probation.

Our probation services include early termination of probation, modification of terms of supervision, and obtaining travel permits.

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Sealing and Expungement

Florida Justice Center wants you to get a fresh start by eliminating a huge barrier to finding employment, obtaining affordable housing, and earning a living wage: your arrest record.

Sealing and expungement is the legal method that allows you to remove an arrest from your publicly available criminal history record to most non-governmental entities.

Our attorneys will research your eligibility under the law and, if you qualify, we will complete the paperwork on your behalf and represent you in court.

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Voting Rights

Florida Justice Center is the only willing nonprofit legal aid organization in the state qualified under current administrative rules to provide advice and guidance regarding an individual’s ability to register and vote. All clients are evaluated by a staff attorney to provide the most complete and accurate advice available.

Florida Justice Center provides access to legal services for low-income people in the state.


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