Florida Justice Center and Stripe Come Together to Fight Racism

Florida Justice Center and Stripe Come Together to Fight Racism

Social justice organization and payment processor join forces to bail protesters out of jail.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (June 06, 2020) –

Stripe, the payment processor of choice around the globe, has shown their support for the movement started as a result of the senseless murder of George Floyd by donating its services to the Florida Justice Center (FLJC), a nonprofit organization that supports racial and social justice causes.  Through its new initiative, Stripe has generously committed to waiving all transaction fees for $20,000 in donations to FLJC to ensure that 100% of the donation goes directly to those in need.

In his public statement, the co-founder and CEO of Stripe, Patrick Collison declared “racism is antithetical to Stripe’s mission. Our founding purpose is the broader, fairer distribution of opportunity—opportunity accessible to and inclusive of everyone, everywhere.”  He added, “we share the deep sadness that so many are currently feeling and the upset at the injustices that lie at the root.”  Certainly, the company’s recent actions echo those sentiments: Collison has pledged to waive $1,000,000 in fees and donate $500,000 to organizations that combat systemic racism or are working to reform policing policies in the United States.

“We praise Stripe’s forward-thinking attitude toward the dangers, difficulties, and prejudice faced by black women and men in the United States.  Their support allows us to continue to serve those on the front lines in the fight against police brutality and the murder of black women and men.  Racism and senseless violence make our country weaker, but the recent protest movement has shown our resiliency as a people and our desire to effect meaningful and lasting change,” said FLJC Executive Director Jonathan Bleiweiss.

Thanks to Stripe’s partnership with FLJC, those in Florida exercising their First Amendment right to freely speak and assemble in the protests will have even greater support behind them.  As a result of this act of charity, combined with the generosity of thousands of donors, FLJC will continue to bail protesters out of jail and find them pro bono attorneys for a very long time to come.


Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet.  Businesses of every size — from new startups to public companies — use their software to accept payments and manage their businesses online.


Florida Justice Center is the state’s only legal aid organization dedicated to helping people with justice-involvement. Authorized by the Florida Supreme Court, FLJC works to lower the effects of an arrest through free and low-cost legal services, as well as connections to community service providers.

With a mission to empower individuals by providing legal support, community education, and removing barriers to success caused by the criminal justice system, FLJC succeeds in helping thousands of individuals each year.