Florida Justice Center Introduces Sliding Scale Fee Structure, Services Still Free for Low-Income People

Florida Justice Center Introduces Sliding Scale Fee Structure, Services Still Free for Low-Income People

Statewide legal aid organization offers reduced-rate services to those making more than twice the federal poverty level.

Oakland Park, FL (February 1, 2023) –

Florida Justice Center, a leading nonprofit legal aid organization, today extended its services to those who do not qualify as indigent but still cannot afford a private attorney. Like all legal aid organizations in the state, Florida Justice Center’s services remain free to low-income individuals.

After helping nearly 4,200 people with over 6,000 unique legal issue in 2022, Florida Justice Center (FLJC) found nearly 10% of those applying for assistance did not qualify as indigent. This led the organization to introduce reduced-fee services based on national models promoted by the American Bar Association and Florida-based legal aid organizations Jacksonville Area Legal Aid and Southern Legal Counsel.

While most legal aid organizations have an eligibility cut-off of 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (also known as the “Poverty Line” or “Poverty Level”), FLJC believes that is not enough. FLJC is offering all its services free to those making less than 200% of the poverty line. Those making above that amount, which is only $27,180 annually for a single person, are offered reduced-rate services.

“Those who don’t qualify for free legal services because their earning is too high must find a way to afford an expensive private attorney. For many people spending thousands of dollars is not an option. With the introduction of sliding scale fees, we are filling a gap for those in that precarious position,” said Alex Saiz, Florida Justice Center’s Director of Legal Services.

Florida Justice Center invites the public to view the sliding scale fee chart at FLJC.org/Fees


Florida Justice Center is the state’s only legal aid organization dedicated to helping people with justice-involvement. Authorized by the Florida Supreme Court, FLJC works to lower the effects of an arrest through free and low-cost legal services, as well as connections to community service providers.

With a mission to empower individuals by providing legal support, community education, and removing barriers to success caused by the criminal justice system, FLJC succeeds in helping thousands of individuals each year.