Ava Mahmoudi, Esq.

Board of Directors



Ava is a civil litigation attorney and shareholder with Kubicki Draper who has been practicing law since 2011. She maintains a very strong relationship with her clients and passionately advocates for them. Through her dedicated legal career, she's committed to justice and advocating for the voiceless and marginalized communities. Her commitment to justice extends beyond the courtroom, as she strives to make a positive impact on her community.

Ava was born in Iran, a country with a justice system that was unfair, unjust, and wrought with corruption. Upon arriving in the United States, she seized the opportunity to pursue a legal career. After graduating from the University of Florida, she obtained her law degree from Nova Southeastern University.

Ava has a desire to dedicate her time to social justice equality because, while she believes that the United States' justice system is leaps and bounds ahead of that with which she was familiar in her home country, she still recognizes that it is not perfect.  Ava believes that justice reform is needed and has a desire to help out her community through zealously advocating for the rights of others. She strives for a more just and equitable society and she truly believes that everyone deserves a second chance in order to reach their dreams.

Ava's goal is to explore a new era of legal advocacy for all and affording people the opportunity of redemption and acceptance. She believes in the spirit of compassion and sense of community. She strives to contribute to positive changes in legal policies and systematic inequalities and empower individuals by promoting fairness and inclusivity.

In her free time, she enjoys nature and being outside. She often volunteers for beach cleanup in her area.