Jonathan Bleiweiss, MBA

Executive Director



After serving as a Deputy Sheriff and then Detective, Jonathan found himself in handcuffs. As he fought his way through the courts and over four years of incarceration, his eyes were opened to the injustice and inequities of the broken system of which he had once been a part.

With this realization, as well as his experience on both sides of the law, Jonathan created Florida Justice Center, the state's first legal aid organization focused on mitigating the effects of justice-involvement while giving people a better chance at employment, housing, and education.

Today, Jonathan serves as the Executive Director of the Florida Justice Center, a nonprofit legal aid organization dedicated to reducing the effects of an arrest on one’s life. FLJC assists over 5,000 people annually with sealing and expunging arrest records, clemency applications to restore civil rights, and probation issues. They host second chance events throughout the state to bring access to lawyers and social services to communities-in-need.

Jonathan is a JustLeadershipUSA Leading with Conviction Fellow, an Advisory Council Member of the Courts Matter Florida Coalition, a founding member of One Umbrella of Hope Reentry Coalition, and a Policy Council Member of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.

Jonathan has earned a Master of Business Administration from University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Eckerd College.

Jonathan has dedicated his life to helping those marginalized and disenfranchised by the system and to bringing access to justice to underserved communities.