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Jonathan Bleiweiss

Jonathan Bleiweiss

Executive Director

Member, Board of Directors


After serving as a Deputy Sheriff and then Detective, Jonathan found himself in handcuffs. Just like tens of thousands of Floridians each year, he was forced to accept a deal for a crime he did not commit due to a common prosecutorial practice called overcharging.

His eyes were opened to the injustice and inequities of the broken system of which he had once been a part.

In prison, Jonathan observed first-hand the racial disparities that are so pervasive throughout the system.

Upon being released to society and attending every program that was available, he noticed substantial service gaps that hindered returning citizens from a successful transition to the outside world.

With this newfound knowledge, as well as his experience on both sides of the law, Jonathan created a holistic program that combined legal, social, and mental health services to help people avoid disenfranchisement while addressing the issues that brought them into the justice system.

Today, Jonathan serves as the Executive Director of the Florida Justice Center and has dedicated his life to helping those marginalized and disenfranchised by the system.


Master of Business Administration
University of Phoenix
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Bachelor of Arts
Eckerd College
Basic Law Enforcement Academy
St. Petersburg College

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