Statement on President Donald Trump’s Conviction and Florida Voting Rights

Statement on President Donald Trump’s Conviction and Florida Voting Rights

Florida Justice Center, the state’s legal experts on voting rights for people with a felony conviction, calls for reform in wake of conviction of former president.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (May 31, 2024) –

With his recent conviction, former President Donald J. Trump now joins the millions of other Floridians with felony convictions who must navigate Florida’s complicated voter enfranchisement rules. Recent news articles regarding President Trump’s conviction have presented conflicting information regarding his eligibility to vote in his home state of Florida. We agree that there is currently no clear answer and we empathize with the frustration of those, including former President Trump, who do not know if they can exercise their constitutional right to vote.

Florida Justice Center, the state’s legal expert in voting rights for those with a felony conviction, firmly believes that every individual who has served their time and been released from incarceration should have their voting rights restored. The right to vote is a fundamental pillar of our democracy, and it is imperative that all citizens, regardless of their past, have the opportunity to participate fully in our electoral process.

President Trump’s recent experiences in the criminal legal system highlight the significant challenges and confusion that many face regarding Florida’s voter laws. This situation underscores the urgent need for clarity and reform to ensure that all citizens, including those with felony convictions, can exercise their right to vote without unnecessary barriers.

We stand with the countless Floridians who have faced similar struggles and remain committed to advocating for their rights and providing high-quality legal services to those struggling to overcome barriers caused by a felony conviction. It is time for our state to recognize the importance of reintegrating individuals into society by creating a clear path to restoring their voting rights and fostering a more inclusive and just democracy for all.

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