University of Colorado Seeks Returning Citizens in Florida for Voting Rights Study

University of Colorado Seeks Returning Citizens in Florida for Voting Rights Study

PhD candidate Stephanie Puello is looking to interview people with felony convictions about civic engagement and voting rights.

Boulder, CO (December 28, 2022) –

Stephanie Puello, a doctoral candidate at the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Public Affairs, is conducting research into civic engagement and voting rights for people with felony convictions in four states (Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, and Wyoming). Ms. Puello is looking to interview people in Florida who have a felony conviction and are eligible to vote (regardless of if they have registered or actually voted).

In exchange for their time, all participants will be provided a $25 gift card.

“We love to assist in connecting researchers with those with lived experience to increase the scholarship surrounding returning citizens. It is always an added benefit when those struggling to support their families can be provided compensation that far exceeds the minimum wage,” said Florida Justice Center Executive Director Jonathan Bleiweiss.

Interested parties can contact Stephanie Puello at: or schedule an appointment at

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