Are you ready to apply for sealing and expungement or clemency, but don't know where to go to complete the fingerprint card required by FDLE and the FBI?

Below is a list of locations that meet these strict governmental standards.



If you are applying for sealing and expungement, or any of the various forms of clemency (voting rights, automatic clemency, firearm rights restoration, or a full pardon) you may be required to complete ink fingerprint cards at a local law enforcement agency.

Do I have to get fingerprinted at a law enforcement agency?

Generally yes. However, if there are no local law enforcement agencies that do ink fingerprinting, you may go to a private fingerprinting company. Please ensure that if you go to a private company you send the receipt and a business card from the organization with the original fingerprint card(s).

Do I have to use your fingerprint cards?

You may use fingerprint cards provided by the fingerprinting agency. You do not have to use the cards provided by Florida Justice Center in your application packet.

Can I use electronic fingerprints?

No. You must provide original ink fingerprints.


Choose the county most convenient to your current location, regardless of where you were arrested.

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